About Us

  • Started in 1964 by Robert and Rachel Erwin at the current location, 117 Acres.

  • Currently run by Dan and Cris Erwin and their daughters Nikki Jolliff (Doug and Glade Jolliff) and Jacci Smith (Dusty Smith)

  • Now it has grown to 300+ acres.

  • What had started out as Bob’s answer to not buying a horse for Dan has turned into a product that has produced 2 generations of shepherds, including a National FFA proficiency winner, and is training the 3 generation now.
  • The original 1964 flock started out with 12 Montadale ewes purchased for 35 dollars and 2 registered Suffolk ewes grew to 40 registered Suffolk ewes. All of the sheep were sold in 1978 due to Dan’s employment demands.

  • Focus shifted to swine production for the next 15 years- but Dan helped with several local flocks.

  • Sheep came back to the farm in the mid ‘80’s as a partnership and long lasting friendship with RJ Creamer began.
  • Since then the numbers moved from 15 to over 100 commercial ewes and evolved to 70 head of registered Hamps and Tunis Today.​